Organic Foods and the Organic Products Directory Website

Organic Foods and the Organic Products Directory Website

Organic foods are grown by those farmers who use renewable sources that can be serving water and soil and improving environmental properties for generations in the future. Organic products come from those animals that are raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Organic products

There are many types of edible products that are considered organic by the way they are grown. These products include:

  • Eggs
  • Poultry
  • Meats
  • Dairy products

Where sold

Once only found in health stores, organic food is currently a regular feature at many supermarkets, which does create a problem in the aisle for produce. You have conventionally grown apples and organic ones. Both are shiny, firm, and red. Both also provide vitamins and fiber and both free of sodium, fat, and cholesterol. Which do you choose – they should be easily marked. Get facts prior to going shopping.

Reasons to choose organic foods

Here are a few reasons to choose foods that are organic. These reasons include:

  • Benefits of more nutrients
  • Avoids chemicals
  • Better taste
  • Avoids GMO
  • Avoids, hormones, antibiotics, and other drugs
  • Ecosystems preserved
  • Reduces pollution
  • Protects soil and water
  • Preserves agricultural diversity

Pest control

Of course, by using no chemicals, you are wondering how pests are controlled. There are 3 ways.

  • Most pests have some types of predators, pathogens, or parasites that are able to keep their numbers down. Pests can be controlled by introducing these organisms into the fields.
  • Changing the conditions of the field to be less hospitable for pests.
  • Various varieties of the same crop produce more food and flourish with less watering and bear up much better under temperatures that are cold. These are used in northern or colder climates.

Organic Providers Directory Website

You can go to to find businesses, stores, farms, and professionals on this Providers Directory website. This is a way to connect with the best organic providers near you. You might be able to buy some products directly from the provider.