Buy Rose Petals Everyone can Enjoy

Buy Rose Petals Everyone can Enjoy

Roses instantly uplifts the mood of a person who receives either a stem of it or a bouquet of it. Perhaps it can be because of the fragrance of the flower or its color that delights the eyes. But aside from being an instant mood booster, roses actually have a number of benefits for your skin too. This is because the natural oils that are found in roses greatly aid in retaining the moisture in the skin. Even the sugars in rose petals benefit those with sensitive skin.

Beauty and Wellness

  • Natural Sunblock

The petals of roses are also rich in vitamin C, making them an excellent sunblock to shield you from the harmful rays of the sun. If you are keen on making your own natural sunblock lotion, buy rose petals and mix them with cucumber juice, glycerin, and some rose water. Blend everything together really well and apply this mixture to your skin before you head out and spend some time under the sun.

  • Warm Bath

Go ahead and indulge in a warm bath layered with rose petals. For sure, you will immediately get rid of any feelings of stress and anxiety because roses are effective mood enhancers. Aside from helping you detoxify your mind from annoying thoughts and feelings, you will also sleep better too after your warm bath with rose petals.

  • Food and Nutrition

Persian cooks are never without a jar of dried rose petals in their pantry. More often than not, these petals are used as a garnish to decorate their cakes and sweets. If you intend to use dried rose petals as a spice, then toast them lightly on a pan because this will intensify their aroma, giving them a delectable smoky edge. This is best used to flavor Persian rice dishes like lubia polo. You can also opt to leave the dried rose petals as is instead of toasting them and just crush them, ready for sprinkling over your favorite yoghurt or cucumber soup. This is best enjoyed during hot summer days.

Using rose petals infused in your dishes has great benefits for your body too. Rose petals are known as great antioxidants or laxatives that can effectively clean your gut. You can enjoy them as a jam or add them in your herbal tea as part of your detox routine. In this way, you will be able to fully experience its benefits. Simply adding them as a garnish of sprinkling a little amount would not really get you in trouble in the toilet. But remember, not all rose petals are edible. Only go for Persian dried roses which have a pale pink color.

To wrap things up, go and get yourself some rose petals today because for sure, it is not only you who will benefit from it, but the rest of your family too. Use it for your beauty and wellness or infuse your dishes with rose petals used as a spice. Either way, you will find it hard to do away with these amazing rose petals.