Mondelez Keen on Making CBD-Infused Goods?

Mondelez Keen on Making CBD-Infused Goods?

CBD oil edibles are typically comprised of in gummy worms, candies, and other similar snacks. Even though other food establishments and restaurants in various states have played with creatively serving their guests with pure cannabidiol-infused food and beverage, industry giants are still waiting on the sidelines while waiting for regulations to ease up and be thoroughly clarified.

Rightly so, especially when their company, money, and years of hard work are at stake. However, it appears that pot lovers and foodies can rejoice with the latest news in the cannabis industry: Mondelez eyeing to make their own CBD oil-infused line.

Initial Hesitation About CBD Edibles

Chief executive officer of the company Dirk Van de Put, dismissed the notion that their company was already in the works for CBD-based products. While President Trump has already passed the Farm Bill into law last December 2018, there is undoubtedly a lot of concerns surrounding the legality of pure cannabidiol being added in food products.

With their company being seen as a family-oriented brand with an impressive line-up that caters to all ages, Mondelez seems to be playing safe by having no intentions or plans of bringing cannabis under these products. While Oreo and Chips Ahoy lovers might be disappointed at the news, individuals can certainly hope for a more innovative line that caters to a more mature audience.

Though the company hopes to stay within the realm of safety and legality, the company is certainly not one to close its doors to innovation. With Dirk Van de Put predicting that CBD oil will take cent stage in the near future, Mondelez should not let this opportunity pass up.

Other Big Names in the Industry

Coca-Cola has outrightly denied its involvement in the cannabis market. However, with the increasing demand and popularity of cannabis, more and more brands and corporations are jumping on the trend while it is hot.

Carl’s Jr. recently road-tested a CBD-infused cheeseburger in April, with the intention of launching the product nationwide should the initial launch be a success. Other companies who are dabbling in the world of weed include Corona. Even Walgreen and CVS have begun marketing CBD beauty products, with topical ointments, creams, and salves being rolled in out in its stores nationwide.

Pure cannabidiol has no known psychoactive effects. Although parents and adults fear that children will mistakenly bring CBD edibles to school, creating a new line altogether for weed enthusiasts will definitely avoid such horror stories.

Let’s just hope that Mondelez pushes through with their plans sometime in the near future.