Must-ask Questions Before Choosing a Corporate Catering Service

Must-ask Questions Before Choosing a Corporate Catering Service

Have you been given the task of making catering arrangements for a corporate event but have no idea what to look out for? What concerns should you keep in mind before bringing a corporate caterer on-board? These are good questions and well worth looking into if you have no experience on the matter.

In this article, we go over a few crucial questions one must ask themselves to find a suitable corporate catering service. Only then can you expect to make the most out of the time and money that you are looking to spend on such a catering service.

So where do you start?

If you are dealing with the task of making arrangements for a corporate event, one significant concern is coming up with a suitable menu with your chosen caterer. This includes the careful selection of the food and drinks to be served during the venue. To accomplish the latter, you need to consider the following:

What is the occasion?

Is your company hosting a formal occasion or a casual get-together for employees? Perhaps you are dealing with a product launch or a big conference with investors? The specific details of an upcoming corporate event dictate the best approach for serving food to guests as well as the menu to be served. In any case, choosing a seasoned service provider for corporate catering in Sydney can prove advantageous.

What are the preferences of your guests?

You may bear the responsibility of making catering arrangements for a corporate event, but that doesn’t mean that you can decide on the menu however you wish. The last thing that you want is for some of your guests to become disgruntled during the event because you haven’t taken their preferences into account.

Perhaps the majority of guests want a buffet style catering service or a formal dinner arrangement? In any case, you would want to get some feedback from your guests for an idea on their preferences. Such information can also prove helpful in setting an appropriate budget for the occasion and choosing corporate catering packages in Sydney that offer the most value for money.

How many guests are attending the corporate event?

Perhaps the most important factor one ought to consider is the number of expected attendees for the event. This has the potential to impact all of your decisions from budgeting and menu planning to the type of catering service.

When catering for small company meetings, it is often a good idea to opt for a boxed meal as the latter is economical and relatively easy to make arrangements for. However, if you are dealing with a significant corporate event with hundreds of attendees, then a plated, buffet style service is a more suitable choice.

Get the answers to the concerns mentioned above before contacting a corporate catering company. Only then can you expect to find the right service provider that fits your corporate catering requirements at the right price.