Hawaii- Hub of Weird Fruits

Hawaii- Hub of Weird Fruits

Stunning green hills, beaches, landscapes make Hawaii a beautiful place that attracts thousands of tourists every year. In addition to this, it is a rich country in providing the varieties of fruits and vegetables out of which some are imported from other countries. Hawaii can grow plants and fruits which are not available in other nations and few are never heard of. Every island has a separate market for local fruits scheduler for farmers and a specific day is assigned for a special market. An example of weird Hawaiian fruit is “lilikoi” which is in yellow color and looks like an oyster.

Weird fruits of Hawaii:

Here is a list of weird fruits found in Hawaii:

1. Mountain Apple:

Like other weird fruits, it resembles an apple, but the actual taste is totally different. It a fresh, juicy and sweet fruit that can found in dark red color to yellow pale shade. It was brought to Hawaii by the inhabitants of Polynesia many years ago.

2. Poha Berry:

It is very delicate fruit in yellow-orange color and chefs are using this fruit as vegetable salad and its taste is a mixture of sweet and sour. It is perfect for jellies, pies or desserts which make it an exotic fruit in Hawaii.

3. Egg fruit:

Its shape is not similar to an egg, but from inside it looks like the yellow yolk of an egg. This fruit has a different taste which reminds of pumpkin pie. The fruit dishes always need dehydration before serving, you can also check for Fruit dehydrators to keep them in best form.

4. Strawberry Guava:

It is a very common fruit on islands and one can eat this fruit in raw form or by peeling it off. It is a threat to local plants in Hawaii.

5. Ohleo Berry:

It is similar to cranberry and it is in red or orange color which can be sweet or bitter. You can find the best version of this fruit in high altitudes.

6. Mangosteens:

Mangosteens is also a fruit that is grown in west Hawaii which has thick leaves and delicious taste. It brought from Indonesia, which is mainly grown on Sunda Island.

A tasty trip to Hawaii, one should visit a farmer’s market to get a collection of exotic fruits.