How to Make Soft Idli Batter At Home

How to Make Soft Idli Batter At Home

Idli is considered to be the healthiest and delicious food due to the unique method of preparation. Idli is a steamed cake made from fermented batter of rice and lentils. It is popular as an Indian food; however, ‘idli is also popular in Sri Lanka among the Tamil community” says the blogger behind the Food Corner Sri Lankan recipe blog.

Why Idli is considered as healthy food?

Natural and organic food is required for better living. Eating a portion of healthy food gives your body the essential nutrients that keep your body healthy and active daily. Dosa or idli is considered as a low-calorie food item. The delicious flavor of idli is adored by people all over the country. It is a versatile dish. The tasty batter cake can be eaten for breakfast, dinner, or even as a snack item.

Some food experts agree with idli was originated from a few steamed rice arrangements from Indonesia. But still, it is popular as Indian food.

How to make Idli batter soft?

When you make idli it is important to make it soft. Hard idlis won’t satisfy your taste buds. Do you know the secret for soft idlis? Most of us think that making idli is not an easy task due to its long process of soaking ingredients, grinding and fermenting. And some think that the secret of soft idli batter is achieved only when you make idli from scratch. However secret for soft idli batter lies in aeration. You have to whip your idli batter well before allowing it to fermentation. The air trapped inside makes it smooth and soft. When you know this trick you can even make idli with instant idli mix.

Why soft idlis are a favourite choice for many?

Excellent and soft idli is compared with jasmine flower for its lightness in weight. Idli dough is fermented within the proper temperature and for the appropriate time, idli has a bitter flavor and a smooth spongy texture.

If you will go to South India you will find excellent soft idlis as it is like the source place for delicious food such as Idli and dosa.

How to serve idli?

Always you can serve Idli with mouthwatering red chili coconut chutney and sambar. However, this is not a must. Idli is delicious with any kind of chutney including green coconut chutney. You can even serve idli with chicken curry, fish curry or dhal curry. However, as Idli is an Indian delicacy it is best when you serve it with a spicy curry. So it will be a satisfying meal!