Different Types of Pork Sausages around the World

Different Types of Pork Sausages around the World

A sausage is a cylindrical shaped meat product. Sausage is generally made of ground meat, usually from pork meat, or even beef and chicken. Along with the meat, there also are a number of other things added in the sausage, like the pieces of salt for seasoning, sometimes breadcrumbs, and other spices may include paprika and some other flavorings.

These sausages are formed in a casting, often which is intestine, or sometimes it is even some synthetic material. Making sausage is actually a form of traditional food preservation. The sausages can be preserved by curing them or drying them or by freezing them, or sometimes even by smoking them. The sausages that are cured or smoked can be stored without refrigeration. Otherwise, they need refrigeration.

These sausages have many varieties; depending on the national or the regional ways of cooking. Since the sausages are generally of pork, the ingredients of them differ, their flavoring differs and the way they are cooked differs. In some regions like North Africa, the pork sausage [กุนเชียงหมู, which are the term in Thai] is many times spicy, and this is because they add chili paste during the making, this also gives the sausage its red color. In some parts of Asia, like China, the pork sausages are called the Lap Cheong, they look and feel like pepperoni, but the taste of it is much sweeter than pepperoni.

There are many varieties of pork sausages famous in Thailand, and these include a grilled, minced pork sausage which is flavored by curry, another one famous is the fermented pork sausage, this has a different sour taste than the regular sausage. In European countries, sausages are very famous. They are generally made from the raw pork, and raw pork is the one which is not cured, not smoked or even cooked. The sausages are a famous part of the English breakfast dishes.

Such are the different kinds of pork sausages found in different parts of the world. Some of them are a huge part of the culture, while some dishes are derived from the western culture in other parts.