Burger Fan? Try These Cheeses to Make Delicious Burgers

Burger Fan? Try These Cheeses to Make Delicious Burgers

A burger without cheese is simply incomplete. There is something so wonderful about the way the juices of the patty marry with the ooey-gooey melted slice of cheese.

But with too many cheeses in this world, it is quite overwhelming to decide which cheese to use in the burger. Of course, not every cheese is meant to be used in the burgers. The primary feature of the best cheese for the burger is its ability to melt and the soft-texture.

Here are the three kinds of cheese that perfectly match the beef patty of your burger.

Hi-Melt Cheese Slices

American cheese is the soul of burgers, and it gives life to the patty and the bun. Whenever we think of American cheese, all that comes in our mind is the ooey-gooey goodness melted in the skillet. Hi-Melt cheese slices are an everyday staple in most of the American dishes being burgers one of them. By this, we can say Hi-Melt cheese is the versatile cheese.

Hi-Melt cheese has medium-firm consistency and is creamy and salty with the low melting point, which makes it one of the best cheese for delicious burgers. However, American cheese is criticized by some people for being high at fat and sodium, but it also contains a good amount of calcium and protein. So, before choosing the hi-melt cheese for your burgers, you must make sure the cheese is high-quality and contains fewer additives.

If you are looking for high-quality hi-melt cheese in Australia, get one from Pure Dairy. Pure Dairy American cheese slices have been developed explicitly for mouth-watering burgers with consistent professional kitchen performance.

Natural Cheddar Slices

Cheddar is relatively hard, orange, and most importantly, natural cheese. Cheddar slices are perfect for those who prefer having non-processed cheese in their burgers. After American cheese, cheddar is famous among burgers lovers.

Cheddar slices made of 100{e29033e8052ccfaf3909a719e1b7635374dc38b007748f0273b9188820fdf76a} ingredients and fresh cow milk is a delight for burgers fans. It adds a delicious flavor to your favorite burgers. Mild cheddar brings just the right amount of sharpness to wake up your taste buds.

Pure Dairy offers an excellent quality slice of natural cheddar that will satisfy your needs and tastes. Using Pure Dairy natural cheddar slices is an easy and quick way to enhance the burgers.

Swiss Cheese Slices

The delicious Swiss cheese is known for its sweet, nutty flavor, little holes, and its ability to blend with anything. You can layer the Swiss cheese with burgers for your burger-making pleasure.

The Swiss cheese leaves the semi-soft texture and a smooth finish in your burgers. One of the most crucial benefits of using Swiss cheese in your burgers in its caramelized onion flavor, the distinct flavor enhances your burger and also saves your time caramelizing burgers.

Again, my favorite Swiss cheese is from Pure Dairy, and they are conveniently packed in a reasonable pack for freshness. This multi-purpose cheese melts wonderfully, making it perfect for burgers.

If you are a burger fan, you must use the above mentioned three kinds of cheese in your burger. Pure Dairy Hi-Melt cheese, natural cheddar slices, or Swiss cheese, all three cheeses are designed to maintain the slice integrity when heated with a creamy texture. Up your burger game with Pure Dairy burger slices.