Barbeque the Best Meat for Amazing Taste

Barbeque the Best Meat for Amazing Taste

“To barbeque or not to barbeque that is the question “ a practice that’s as old as civilization. The origin of the word barbeque comes from the word ‘ barbacoa ‘. It is a way of cooking food of the inhabitants of the Caribbean on a wooden structure called the barbacoa. “Better Be Quick “so you now know what barbeque means.

CHOICE OF BARBEQUE: Basically the first thing anyone who wants to start barbecuing will need is a barbeque besides the zest to do it. Choosing a barbeque that suits your needs is crucial in starting to barbeque especially for amateurs and it completely depends on what you want to be cooking. Reach out to the Meatworksco smokehouse restaurant for your choice of meat.

There are two kinds of barbecues open grills and kettle barbecues. If you want to cook small pieces of meat and stuff or make burgers an open grill is fine however if you want to cook more you will need a kettle barbeque that comes with lid. It reflects the heat back into the barbeque and makes the cooking more thorough. Kettles tend to be more expensive than open grills however it’s worth spending all the money if you are passionate about barbecuing. A good quality enameling and decent thickness are good parameters to gauge how good it will be to barbeque. Also the lid has to be sturdy so that when you need to move it around when lit you should be able to do it. Anything that takes less than 30mins of cooking can be done over the coals directly and what requires longer needs a kettle barbeque with the coals underneath and the food on the grill.

FUEL: The next most important thing that is a deciding factor of how good the food is going to turn out is the choice of fuel. You either go for the traditional coal that comes straight out of the factory or opt for the coal briquettes that are charcoal dust put together with glue. Well the choice is yours and perhaps you will know better when you experience using both. However briquettes can catch fire easily and they tend to burn for longer; slightly more expensive than their sibling, the traditional coal.

CHIMNEY STARTER: It is large metal container with a grille at the bottom in which you put in some charcoal and get it burning in quick time. It hardly takes around 20 minutes to get started with cooking. Gone are the days when people struggled to light the barbeque. A chimney starter is a great time saver and worth all your money.


Smoking is hugely popular. Basically the food is put on a wooden plank soaked thoroughly in water to give it the smokiness. Again a mettle barbeque is the right thing to use for smoking.

A marinade is essential for barbecuing. It tenderizes the meat and adds the much needed flavor to the meat.

It is these small things that can transform an average barbeque into an extraordinary one. So why not a barbeque over the weekend.