My best memories about kitfo!

My best memories about kitfo!

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little girl who lived in a very small hut at the end of the village. She had curly hair. That’s why people called him curly hair. One morning, her mother said,

“Put on your clothes and go see your grandmother. She’s sick. Take this basket with you.” Is curly hair curious to know what’s inside the basket? So she rushed to Grandma’s house.

When she arrived at her grandmother’s house, she greeted her . her grandmother had a cold and was not happy. Curly hair gave her the basket and said that my mother sent it to you. Grandma grabbed the basket and pulled out a container and poured some food into the plate and shouted the curly hair and said let’s eat some kitfo.


This story is always told by my mother. she says the first time she had to eat kitfo, she was seven. Of course, my mother made kitfo for me from childhood. that is very tasty. I also learned it from my mom when I was 18 years old and now I make it for my kids. Today I would like to introduce you to Kitfo training.

kitfo is a food whose main ingredient is meat. And Ethiopian food is almost like a hamburger. But we don’t fry it. Bring a pen and paper and write down the ingredients.

ingredients :

kitfo recipe

Chopped or minced meat, small onions, a few garlic cloves, butter, red pepper, salt, spices (such as cinnamon, turmeric), a little paste or tomato juice, chopped peas, chopped potatoes, And the vine leaves.

How to make:

Mix meat, spices, salt, red pepper, onion, and chopped garlic. Pour into a pot and let to steam slightly. Finally, add the paste. And fry a little. Then cook in another pot of chopped peas and potatoes. Spread the vine leaves and then Pour the meat on a plate and place the butter on it, along with the peas and baked potatoes. Once the butter has melted, the meat tastes great. I also put a slice of sour lemon on the plate. My kids are particularly fond of it.

My mother explains that in the past they made special bread for this meal. Which was rectangular. And it took a long time to cook it. And the baking process has been long. Of course in the past, my grandmother used to make wheat and make flour and my mother and aunts made bread for kitfo. Of course, my mom only made us a kitfo bread once. And I never ate kitfo bread again.


Of course, I didn’t take the risk because it was time-consuming. But I have eaten kitfo with different breads that are present.

Other ingredients such as potatoes, carrots and lettuce and cabbage are also best for decorating. You can taste it with other ingredients, such as paste or vinegar. A salad can be a good addition to this dish. The salad I make is a combination of corn, cucumber, cabbage, and some carrots with olive oil.

You’re much more skilled than me and I’m sure you’ll make the best kitfo and salads. But if the kitfo was juicy for the first time or not very tasty, don’t worry about cooking it all over again. On this site, my goal is to share the culinary experiences I’ve gained with you. I am glad that you share your experiences with me too. I hope you enjoy kitfo and enjoy lemonade and salad with it.

Of course, remember to clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. I was joking that a little bit of space would change. Have a good time.

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