Why A Corporate Caterer Will Save Your Employees Time And Help Increase Your Profits

Why A Corporate Caterer Will Save Your Employees Time And Help Increase Your Profits

The younger generations now compose the majority of today’s workforce. Unlike the older generations who stay within the same company for decades until they finally retire, young workers often express their eagerness to jump ship for better pay, more opportunities, and superior working conditions. This mindset makes it harder for companies, big and small to retain their employees.

As their employer, there are certain perks you can offer to encourage the average employee to stay loyal. One popular perk is hiring a corporate caterer to prepare free lunches at least once a week. It may sound out of this world, but don’t dismiss the benefits of a free meal at the office, especially if they are delectable dishes.

If you are still doubting the benefits of hiring a corporate caterer, these proven facts might change your mind:

Fact #1: Employees Can Save Money

The average cost of lunch for one employee can add up to $20, that’s without delivery fees. This means in just one week the average employee will shell out over $120 for their meals and that adds up to about $500 a month. By offering free meals at least once a week at the office, an employee can save at least $80 a month and they will feel a lot of gratitude towards your company.

Fact #2: Maximizes Their Time

Without the need to go out for lunch or to leave the office, workers can quickly eat their lunch and get back to work feeling satisfied and energized once more. Since they can spend more time working, the productivity of the entire company will grow, adding to the daily earnings.

Plus, professionally catered lunches can be offered during a lunch meeting. No one will feel hungry and irritable even if they have to work through their lunch hour. It’s a win-win solution for everyone.

Fact #3: Supports Employee Wellness

Working millennials consider work-life balance a must in the office. Although free lunch meals may not seem much, they do foster a sense of care from the company. The free meals can be seen as a treat for their hard work and long office hours making their time in the office worthwhile.

Free catered meals can also encourage employees to eat healthier. Planning healthy and hearty meals that energize workers can give them the extra boost they need during the afternoon. With the right meals, employees can cut back on sugar and caffeine consumption leading to fewer crashes towards the end of the day.

Healthy and happy employees take fewer sick days and are capable of working harder for the benefit of the business.

Treat Your Employees Well

No, offering free lunches once or twice a week does not guarantee an employee’s loyalty towards the company, but it does help. Companies that treat their employees with care and respect often find their retention rates are better than other businesses.

If you haven’t considered it yet, hire a professional caterer and give the entire office a surprise treat soon!

Whether you need a corporate caterer to serve healthy meals to your employees or need an amazing menu for an event, our team at Saint Germain Catering can help you. Contact us today!