SLICE and Other Sparkling Water Are Healthier Than Soda or Beer

SLICE and Other Sparkling Water Are Healthier Than Soda or Beer

Slice sparkling water is a unique drink that is made with 100{e29033e8052ccfaf3909a719e1b7635374dc38b007748f0273b9188820fdf76a} organic fruit juice, refreshing carbonated water, and only about 25 calories. SLICE also has no added sugar, with the only sugar coming from the fruit juices.

What SLICE provides

Because SLICE in low cal, but big on taste as well as total refreshing, anyone can sip on it through the day without having any guilt and without developing all that unwanted fat can do.

Sparkling water

Just in case you have not noticed, sparkling water is having a moment now and for some good reasons. Call it whatever you want to:

  • Seltzer water
  • Sparkling water
  • Carbonated water

It will bring flavor and refreshment without:

  • Sodium
  • Calories
  • Preservatives
  • Sugars

Found in sodas and beer

All of these are found in carbonated beverages such as sodas as well as beer. There is also the additional advantage of being alcohol-free, leaving it to be used any time of the day whether you are at school or work.


SLICE is 100{e29033e8052ccfaf3909a719e1b7635374dc38b007748f0273b9188820fdf76a} gluten-free and all the natural fruit juice used comes from certified organic farms – certified by USDA. You will get only the very best nature has to give in each sip and is without all the sugars, chemicals, as well as additives found in most other widespread drinks such as sodas and alcoholic beverages.

Lover of soda

If you are a lover of soda but realize that you are drinking too many of them during a week, there are other things to drink. For example, try Polar Beverages which is a carbonated drink that comes in a lime flavor, lemon and a version that is original. But Polar also offers blends that are delicious and will curb your craving for root beer or cola. You can also try:

  • Triple berry
  • Orange vanilla
  • Strawberry watermelon
  • Or Granny Smith apple

If you want to drink something sweet, they have over 17 flavors and you should try all of them to find your favorite – then you can drink that all week and it will not be as unhealthy as drinking diet sodas or beer.