If you are wondering about where to buy the best Turkish simit in the USA, you have landed at the perfect spot. Simit is one of the traditional Turkish pastry products. It is a kind of bread that it has a circular shape, and the surface of the simit is covered with sesame seeds. It is commonly known as Turkish bagel in the USA. The main ingredients of Turkish simit are dough (which is made from water, flour, salt, and yeast), molasses, and sesame seeds. Turkish simit is one of the most popular and consumed pastry products in Turkey for years.

If you are living in the United States and do not know where to buy the best Turkish simit in the USA, the Turkish Market will be your only solution. Turkish people usually eat simit at breakfast. Turkish simit is usually accompanied by Turkish tea or ayran. Ayran is a kind of beverage that is made from yogurt and water. These two drinks go well with Turkish simit. Turkish simit and Turkish tea or ayran is a perfect combination of breakfast in Turkey. Furthermore, sometimes, cheese, salami, or pastirma which is an air-dried cured beef might accompany Turkish simit at breakfast.

If you travel to Turkey, you can see that many vendors sell Turkish simit in the streets, because as we mentioned previously, it is one of the most consumed bakery products among Turkish people. Also, you can find Turkish simit at any bakeries in Turkey.

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