How to Find the best refrigerated prep table?- Complete Guide

How to Find the best refrigerated prep table?- Complete Guide

Are you a good cook or a chef and looking for the best refrigerated prep table. Here we got one for you.   They combine the requirement of a fridge with a suitable cutting board so that you can easily and quickly collect your components to make signature dishes. They are available in many different sizes and styles with an entire plethora of different internal elements.

With all these possibilities, finding the ideal unit could be challenging. That is why we’ve broken the main information you want to know about prep tables once you are searching.

Sandwich prep tables include shallower cutting boards intended for sub and sandwich bread and many come set up to be used with 1/6 size food pans at the upper storage space. Pizza prep tables comprise a more profound cutting board area using an increased pan rail and a high storage space developed for 1/3 size food pans.


Deciding the suitable size of your homework unit is vital for one clear reason – it must match where you would like to place it. Each size has its very own advantages. Smaller tables provide a more compact footprint to companies with restricted space together with the tradeoff of less total storage space inside the unit, whereas bigger tables are simply the opposite – it is more difficult to get a handy distance for them, but they include a lot of interior space to spare.

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Normally, the more need your company has for sandwiches, the bigger you are going to need your homework table in order to be. Another element that might impact your dimensions consideration is how many components you use if you prepare meals.

Doors and Drawers

The next aspect to consider is if you would like a table with doors, drawers, or a combo of both. Irrespective of your taste, the two kinds have a pan railing on the surface of the device that’s intended to carry food pans.

Many units include a good lid over the pan rail, although others include a transparent glass lid, making them suitable for operations that prepare made-to-order sandwiches before the clients.

It is important to keep in mind that drawers and doors may subtract the patterns of compact kitchens, based on where you set the unit. Doors often close mechanically, but drawers normally don’t. On the flip side, longer doors may not open all of the ways in more compact regions, which might create drawers a better choice.

Work Space

As prep tables have distinct pan rail layouts, they also include different workspaces. Some tables have ample pan storage plus a straightforward cutting board on top that expands a couple of inches past the table’s border to give sufficient room for preparing meals.

Others offer you a protracted workspace in the purchase price of storage, which can function as an area to stage counter appliances such as panini grills. Below is a summary of the most frequent prep table tops that will assist you to pick the best one for the program!

Cutting Shirt

Cutting shirt units are unique because they are equipped with an extra-deep cutting board to give the operator with an extra workspace. Ideal for big cakes, sliced salads, and complex orders for an occasion, this kind of device extends to you the exact same pan capability as a normal device, but with the added plus of cutting board room.


There are three approaches used for refrigerating the very best food pan part of homework tables: air-cooled, cold wall, along with a liquid coat.

Air-cooled units are a superb solution for restaurateurs that are only beginning. The air cooling system is standard on sandwich prep tables, and it is combined with reduced maintenance and labor costs which make them simple to use without needing a great deal of know-how.

Buying a front-breathing design is just another thing to take into account in regards to maximizing distance without repainting the refrigeration system in your homework table.

Front breathing components have the air intake and exhaust vents positioned on the front of the unit, meaning they may be installed flush against the walls or perhaps built into present counters for a more sleek appearance. I have seen such prep tables used by restaurant delivery apps like swiggy, uber eats, and zomato.

A leading breathing version has fewer side and rear clearance requirements when compared with a normal unit. I hope you like reading on selecting the best prep table.