Quick and Healthy Desserts Which Can Help Lose Weight

Quick and Healthy Desserts Which Can Help Lose Weight

Watching for your waistline does not mean that you cannot have good food. Or you could not gorge on a dessert that you like so much. Enjoying and having an occasional treat after a day or when it is your cheat day is a thing that you should go for. This would help in changing your food taste and would make you happy as well. Here are some great options for which you could go when you are looking for healthy sweets and dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Skinny Avocado Chocolate Mousse:

It would taste as heavenly as it would look. And if you are having a dinner party and want something tasty and presentable, then this would be a great idea. You might be worried regarding whether you should add avocado to your sweet dish or not. But with avocado, you would be getting a creamy texture that would also make the dessert look rich. Avocado is there bursting with nutrients, and they support with weight loss as well.

Pistachio Chocolate Banana Sushi:

If you love banana, then this would be a great item that you could go for. Cut the banana into pieces and pour or dip them into dark chocolate. After that, add shredded pistachio on top and freeze it. After that, you could eat them with a chopstick. Banana is filled with fiber and therefore keeps you full for a longer period helping you with your weight loss regime. It is a great choice among the easy dessert recipes that you could go for.


Apple Slice Cookie:

When you are on dieting, you usually go for low-calorie fruits and vegetables. With one sliced apple with chocolate chip and walnut-topped on it, you could very easily have it while on a diet. Usually, during dieting, it is said that when you try to eat nuts, you fill up faster and do not feel hungry for longer periods.

Chia Pudding:

When you purchase Chia from the market, soak it in almond or coconut milk with a pinch of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey on it. They help you with feeling full and are rich in fiber, which is exactly what you require when you are working on losing weight.

These are some of the great ideas that you could go for when you are looking out for weight loss healthy dessert ideas.