How to tell a pizzeria or pizza parlor cooks great pizza or not? Find out here.

How to tell a pizzeria or pizza parlor cooks great pizza or not? Find out here.

Since a lot of us consider pizza as the ultimate comfort food, well, it is already given that eating pizza is always part of our plans for the entire week or even part of your daily plans. When it comes to finding pizza, it is not that hard to find one though, however, with the vast array of choices of pizza parlors and shops that you can choose from, you might be overwhelmed by it.

Also, not all of these pizza parlors, pizzerias and shops make great pizza that is why it is important for you to choose nothing but the best out there. The best pizza parlor or shop does not necessarily have to be a five-star or Michelin star graded restaurant, some are just even a hole in the wall shops in your place especially if you are not living in Italy where the world’s best pizzerias are operating.

In this post, you will learn some simple tips that will help you choose the best pizza parlor, pizzeria, and shop so that you can satisfy your cravings in this ultimate comfort food where you can incorporate it with the 5 Pizza and Beer Pairings.

1. People queue in long lines regularly –

One of the most obvious and most notable ways to determine if that pizza parlor or shop is great-tasting is the people or their customers who patiently queue in line for hours just to buy a box of their pizza. Obviously, there is no sane person in the world to waste his or her time queueing in line for just an average tasting pizza, that is why you should try to queue in line as well to find it out yourself.

2. Highly recommended –

Aside from the long line of customers queueing outside the pizza parlor waiting for it to open is how people give feedback to that particular pizza parlor. If it is highly recommended, then you should give it a try because you might find yourself the best pizza in your place.

3. Check the crust of the pizza –

One way to determine if the pizza cooked in that particular pizzeria or parlor is how they make their dough. If you examine a pizza, you should ensure to check the bottom of its crust because you can determine if it is well done to offer you a nice crisp bite, or the crust can be toasted on the outer layer of it, however, it is still fluffy and lighter on the inside. That is a good indication that the dough is well prepared.

4. Check the sauce used –

A good pizzeria puts a lot of its effort when it comes to its sauce just like the Italian foods in Victoria. A good way to determine the taste of the pizza sauce is through either you have to request to add more to your slice or order a side or sauce for your breadsticks, there, you can determine if the sauce is well-balanced and savory with a brighter note, or rather it is just sweet and dull at all.

5. Make sure they use the freshest ingredients –

Just like other recipes, you can tell if the ingredients are fresh by how vibrant it looks and how it holds very well up even after it is cooked inside the oven. You should avoid ordering a pizza which uses ingredients that are stocked in a freezer or packaged vegetables because these are not fresh anymore.