Know About Different Types Of Coffee

Know About Different Types Of Coffee

A simple sip of a good coffee can refresh us for the rest of the day. Coffee lovers alone can tell you that a sip of quality coffee can melt down the worries of the entire day. Coffee is just not a beverage but it has the ability to change your mood swings and can add to your happiness.

There are several varieties of coffees found online each with its distinct flavor, body, and aroma. The secret to the best coffee beans lies in, to what extent the coffee has been brewed and how ripe the berries were when plucked. Coffee beans can be of Single origin arabica coffee or blends. Here are a few different types of coffee you can choose from hot or cold both equally refreshing.


The finely ground coffee beans are brewed under a small amount of boiling water with high pressure to make an Espresso. It’s usually served in smaller quantity because of the high amount of caffeine in it.  Espresso also serves as the base for many other drinks and is usually thicker than coffee brewed by other methods. Single origin coffee beans are not preferred for making espresso as they lack balance in taste.


Espresso and steamed milk make this coffee drink latte. It is sweeter in taste than espresso because of the addition of steamed milk and has micro foam added on top of it. The other name of the beverage is café latte which means milk coffee.


Cappuccino can also be called a sister of latte the only difference being it has more foam and chocolate is placed on top of it. Italy is the origin place of this espresso-based drink. It is the hot drink with artistic shapes made over the beverage to make it more attractive to coffee lovers.


Mixing cappuccino and hot chocolate make the beverage mocha. Many use chocolate syrup or milk chocolate for added flavor. The coffee beans are harvested in the city of Mocha in Yemen, home to Arabica coffee.  Yemen is believed to be the first country to cultivate coffee.

There are several online sellers that offer these beverages on go. They have different varieties of coffee beans to choose from like Costa Rican coffee, Columbia coffee and many more from around the world. Having a cup of coffee and sharing your day with friends, family and friends can give you immense pleasure. So don’t wait and order your favorite coffee and make some memories with your loved ones.