Have a Night out Enjoying a Good Persian Restaurant

Have a Night out Enjoying a Good Persian Restaurant

Persian food or Iranian cuisine comes from traditional cooking in Iran. This term Persian cuisine is used because of the major element that Iran is known historically as the Persia of the West. Persians are of course only one of the native ethnic groups in Iran contributing to the culture of this food.

Staples of Persian food

The staples of Persian food that are major and almost eaten with eaten each meal include:

  • Rice
  • Cheese
  • Various herbs
  • Flat breads
  • Meats consisting of chicken, lamb, beef, or fish

The most popular dish is stew over rice but that can vary by region.

Common food items

The specific composition of Persian food will vary from regions such as the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf. But there are common ingredients such as:

  • Cinnamon
  • Turmeric
  • Cardamom
  • Rose petals or rosebuds
  • Cloves
  • Cumin
  • Ginger

The dishes also include ground golpar, saffron, black pepper, nutmeg, mace, coriander, or sesame.

Iranian immigrants

Food of Persian and Iran has been somewhat of a mystery to those in the United States, and it could be intentional. Unlike, French, who have developed a culture of dining out; the best in Persian cooking, are usually showcased in private at the home of someone from that culture. And good Persian cooks are very secretive. But since 1979 after the Iranian Revolution, many Iranian immigrants have settled in the US and opened many Persian restaurants.

Persian restaurants

In the United States, there are currently many great Persian restaurants – from California to Texas. Any good restaurant guide can help you if you want to eat at a good Persian restaurant. The Persia Page on the internet is also a good website to go to if you want to find a Persian restaurant near you. If you have never eaten good Persian food, you owe it to yourself to take some friends and have a night out at a Persian restaurant near you.