Fried chicken cooking mistakes that you can totally avoid

Fried chicken cooking mistakes that you can totally avoid

Fried chicken is still one of the most popular and best comfort food that you can dig in, and everyone’s got their own secret recipe that they inherited from their ancestors that they proudly boast to their guests and friends every time there is a gathering or just simply a dinner at their place, however, how sure are you that your fried chicken is that good?

Not everyone may be well-aware that they are practicing common mistakes that totally ruins a good and delicious fried chicken like skipping the brine, using the wrong cooking oil, and other stuff that totally ruins a what supposed to be delicious, crispy, and juicy fried chicken.

Listed below are some of the most common mistakes that you might practice in cooking fried chicken so take time to read, learn something new and correct your mistakes in cooking your favorite comfort food courtesy of one of the best-fried chickens in Australia, the

1. Using only a single part of the chicken –

People are always swayed by the crunchy-looking drumstick that they usually see at fried chicken commercials, well, it is given that this chicken part is the icon of fried chicken. However, the best way to make the best-fried chicken is to include other parts like the breast, the thighs, the wings, and even the back portion. Nothing should go to waste because each part has its own distinct unique flavor that keeps your mouth guessing.

2. Frying frozen chicken –

You should always avoid breading that chicken that just comes out of your freezer. If you fry it right away, the temperature of the oil will significantly drop and it will just ruin the flavor and the equal proportion of cooking the chicken. Instead, let the meat sit at room temperature for at least thirty minutes and you may proceed after.

3. Skips the brine –

Brining the chicken is usually the most skipped part of frying a chicken and this is one of the most important parts in making the chicken delicious. If you want your chicken to taste great and juicy, you should not forget to brine it. You should dip it in seasoned buttermilk for at least four hours or even an entire day to marinade it.

4. Skips the breading –

Skipping the breading process of the chicken totally ruins it. It is like a mortal sin of fried chicken recipe cooking. How can you enjoy the crispy and crunchiness of the chicken if you do not bread it? Make sure that you bread your chicken with the breading essentials like buttermilk, flour, beaten egg, and some seasonings to make it flavorful.

5. Buying an expensive deep fryer –

People are usually swayed by the false advertisements that deep fryers add more flavor to their fried chicken. Well, deep fryers do not that, instead, it only speeds up the frying time of the chicken, however, buying an expensive deep fryer is not entirely needed knowing that you can use a heavy-bottomed cast-iron skillet or heavy-bottomed pots instead of frying pans if you want your chicken to be fried equally.