Why do you need a Shipping Container?

Why do you need a Shipping Container?

You need a container for your business or company due to the several advantages that come hand in hand with them.

Some of the pros of using a shipping container are as follows:

  • They are suitable for the storage of a variety of goods. From heavy bulky goods to livestock and flammable products.
  • Surety of the safety of your cargo. This is a secure means of goods transportation.
  • The containers are versatile and flexible. Therefore, they are easily movable across diverse locations.
  • They are strong and durable thus they can be used over and over again without being written off (usually for many years).
  • The containers can be used over various global destinations since they are internationally accepted.
  • They are also vast and spacious offering you just the adequate space you require for your consignment.
  • Affordable and effective, hence offers low transportation cost plus initial inexpensive buying cost.
  • Can be modified and used with other accessories e.g. padlocks, and lock boxes to suit your needs.
  • Available in different sizes and therefore offers you the chance to select your preferred size. From 20 feet to 40 feet container.

By now am sure you have already made up your mind that you need a shipping container.

But before you make a purchase, you need to make a decision on the most suitable type.


Relevant Jargon for Shipping Containers

  • Loaded container:

A container with freight inside it

  • Modified Container:

A container that has had alterations made to it. These containers are considered loaded for shipping purposes.

  • DD Container:

A container that has a double door on each of its sides.

  • Open Side:

A container with no side-walls 

  • Office:

A container that has had modifications inside the container itself; is considered loaded for shipping purposes

  • Open Top:

A container with no ceiling

  • Open-end:

A container that has no end walls; these containers are generally used for sidewalks

  • Cargo-worthy:

A container that has had no holes detected on it and its doors have been sealed shut; is considered ready for transport

  • One Trip:

A new container

  • Release Number/trip number:

A code or a number used at the time of pickup