What Are The Safety Measures You Should Use Before And While Using A Nang Or Whipped Cream Charger?

What Are The Safety Measures You Should Use Before And While Using A Nang Or Whipped Cream Charger?

Whipped Cream Chargers and Nangs are used widely across the world because of their different uses and benefits. Nangs are small 8g cylinders pressurized with Nitrous Oxide gas, the Nangs which are used in whipped cream dispensers are known as whipped cream chargers.

Nangs are used in whipped cream dispensers to make whipped cream, batter for pancakes, waffles, and crispy deep-fries, and making soda pops. They are also used as a painkiller to relieve pain due to minor injuries or surgeries, when compressed with anesthesia nitrous oxide increases the quality and effect of anesthesia.

Read the manufacturer safety measures before using a Nang or cream charger to avoid injuries. Even though Nangs have so many benefits you should follow certain steps to avoid accidents:

Use proper equipment: Nangs or cream chargers are covered with a foil covering on their narrow end to prevent leaking of the gas. One should use proper equipment to piece the cream charger. Nangs have liquid Nitrous oxide filled inside these containers under great pressure, any wrong cut or piercing can lead to explosion and serious injuries like freeze burns.

The correct quantity of Nang:

You should never release more than two chargers inside a ¼ litre or ½ L whipped cream canister. If you use more than two Nangs or cream charger a dangerous explosion can happen due to excessive pressure inside the canister.

Should not be exposed under high temperature:

Keeping the whipped cream charger under a temperature of 45°C for a long time can cause an explosion. The cream chargers have pressurized liquid nitrous oxide inside them and the excessive heat can cause damage. Keep away from sun and heat.

Steps to take after every use:

Make sure that you are releasing the nitrous oxide after every use and also cleaning the nozzle and canishter properly. Blocked nozzles happen due to not cleaning the tip of the dispenser after every use. Never scrub the head gasket (present between the head dispenser and canister), scrubbing the gasket can lead to tears which can cause fatal damage. As the canister contains many delicate and sensitive parts never wash it with harsh soap or stainless steel scrubber.

Keep Nangs and cream chargers away from kids:

Kids have a tendency to chew and taste everything, but a cream charger is dangerous when misused. If by any chance the Nang or cream charger gets pierced while in the hand of your child it can cause fatal damages – explosion, freeze burns, and many dangerous injuries.

Cream Chargers should only be used to make food, malpractices are discouraged. Always read the manufacturer’s safety instructions before using a Nang or whipped cream charger to avoid accidents. Nangs are very useful if you use it in a proper way, and if you still don’t have one just go to Mr. Cream Chargers to get a Nang delivery in Melbourne. Safety instructions are always provided with a product when you purchase it for the first time, read and follow all the steps mentioned properly.