Supermarket vs Super Apps – The Dilemma

Supermarket vs Super Apps – The Dilemma

Today the consumer is not restricted to buying goods and services from a store or by visiting a physical entity. With the onset of technology and development in the field of mobile applications, the consumer can get whatever they wish just with a few clicks on their smart devices. You can get anything you intend on the internet conveniently. So the question arises, are stores and supermarkets obsolete?

We have been frequenting supermarkets and stores for all our daily needs and essentials. From milk to soap, detergent to vegetables, basically anything, and everything. Now post the covid pandemic we have seen a shift in user behavior. We have adopted digital technology even more into our lives. The pandemic showed us the power, flexibility, and reach of digital technology. We were forced into our homes by the pandemic with negligible contact with the outside world. This was the impetus that technology required to show off its real capabilities. Due to the availability of shopping apps that provide you with a barrage of products online, we were able to carry out our day-to-day essentials and grocery shopping right from the comfort of our homes.

We have seen a continued trust post the lockdown restrictions, that were built between the user and these online shopping platforms during the difficult times. Online supermarkets allow you to get everything you need. Right from perishable to non-perishables. You can order fresh produce, meat, fish, milk, and even eggs from online grocery applications.

You can order vegetables sourced right from local farmers encouraging them to grow organic vegetables without the use of chemicals and pesticides. You can get fresh fruits and vegetables and even premium varieties all in one place sourced locally and internationally from various parts of the world. These applications also provide baked supplies like bread, flatbread, parrotas, etc. freshly baked to perfection. You can even grab a bottle of your favorite dips and hummus from the online marketplace. No more waiting in line at the market or haggling with the vendors on the streets. Get your supplies comfortably.

One can even order fresh meat from these apps and get them delivered right to your doorstep. You don’t need to worry about the mess that comes with meat preparation, these suppliers provide you with the best quality product that has been cleaned and wrapped for you. These apps promote local farmers as well as source meat from all around the world, ensuring that only antibiotic and chemical-free meat is being supplied to the consumers. You can get a variety of meat from these online stores. Poultry products like, chicken, eggs, and even duck. Get red meat like lamb and goat from around Asia, Africa, and even Australia. They ensure quality meats so that you don’t need to worry about hygiene, as it has been taken care of. If you are an avid fish eater then these apps have a lot in store for you. You can get a variety of marine as well as freshwater fish online. Choose from a variety of shellfish, fish fillets, and fish steaks. Get fresh fish guaranteed.

With the growing popularity of online stores, we can see the supermarket era fading away slowly. With demands being met instantaneously online, it’s a no-brainer to go for the more effective option. No doubt supermarkets have their own positives like physical interaction, sensory interaction with the products like touch and feel. But apart from that we can say that it’s a win-win situation for online marketplaces against supermarkets.