Safety Tips to Prevent Food Borne Illness This Summer

Safety Tips to Prevent Food Borne Illness This Summer

Summer season is approaching and you all are likely to be excited about those picnics and outdoor grilling experiences. While it is not recommended and possible for everyone to have a food safety course online, it is very important that you all follow food safety guidelines to ensure the safety of your loved ones when cooking at home as well as outdoors. So, follow these amazing tips by the specialists having safe food handling courses so that you can ensure maximum safety.

Kitchen Cleanliness –

This is the very important part when we talk about safe food handling. After all the food is cooked inside a kitchen and hence it is very important to ensure the cleanliness of your kitchen area according to the safe food handling courses. According to professionals in the industry, good housekeeping practice means immediately washing anything that you are planning to cook or when something that comes in contact with raw meat. It is important to clean the items using a cleaning rag that is dedicated exclusively to clean-up up instruments and surfaces. You can also use different cleaning rugs for different places so that you can ensure avoid the spread of bacteria across your kitchen area.

Food Handling –

If you have ever visited a hotel or a restaurant, you would know that they are all professionals in food handling and also follow those food safety guidelines that are recommended by the health departments. Even when you are cooking at home, it becomes pertinent to follow these food handling guidelines and also be extra cautious when cooking poultry or meat products. The meat or poultry should be used shortly after purchase, but if you are planning to cook after some time, make sure that these items be stored between 28F and 32F in the meat compartment of the refrigerator. In case you are planning to use the meat product after two days of purchase, make sure to keep it wrapped in non-permeable plastic and stored in the freezer until use.

Sterilize Kitchen Shelves –

Another important thing that you can learn with a food safety course online is cleaning the surface of kitchen shelves. You cannot just use simple water to ensure complete sensitization. Instead, you can use a diluted mixture of warm water and chlorine bleach for the better cleaning or sterilization of surfaces where raw meat has been handled. It is suggested to always keep on hand disinfecting wipes by Lysol or Clorox that kill 99{e29033e8052ccfaf3909a719e1b7635374dc38b007748f0273b9188820fdf76a} of bacteria. You can use these wipes to clean counters and tools and then discard so that there is no chance of spreading the bacteria across your kitchen area.

So when you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones at home, it is suggested to follow these tips as they are aimed to not just ensure complete food safety, but also ensure keeping your loved ones healthy at home.