Food Ordering Apps: Leverage Technology to Enhance Restaurant Business

Food Ordering Apps: Leverage Technology to Enhance Restaurant Business

A food ordering application or restaurant tech as a whole has the potential to accelerate revenue and streamline your business. In today’s world customers look for technology in each and every aspect of their lives, and Quick Servicing Restaurants (QSR) are no exception! From online ordering to self-service kiosks, it can be challenging to find what technological innovations best suit your business.

You will not need to have all technological options to maintain your restaurant’s continuous growth. However, choosing the right technology for your business allows you to enhance customer experience and at the same time meet business objectives.

Technological innovations can be user-friendly and sometimes it can also be complex to work with. You also may have various thoughts in adding dynamic features such as music, pictures in order to take your business to the next level. But always keep in mind that the main purpose of having new technology is to enhance customer experience and not to confuse them. By looking into new opportunities that food ordering app has on offer, restaurants will get the opportunity to thrive.

Start small with Order Ahead Apps

As a restaurant owner, your first duty is to figure out the pulse of the industry. You can see what’s happening at BJ’s, Chili’s and B-Dubs  The takeaway and delivery trend in ordering food keeps on growing and it also doesn’t show any signal of leveling off soon. Therefore, Quick service restaurants and all other restaurants in this category are overwhelmingly increasing the supply of Order Ahead systems for both takeaway and delivery services. Having a food ordering app that integrates with a complete system gives you the opportunity to have an additional revenue generation without disrupting your in-house workflow. Offering personalized services and order ahead apps go hand in hand and ensure success in today’s competitive, tech-savvy business landscape.


Self Service Kiosks

Adding kiosks to your restaurant will gradually help you to reduce front house staff. Once your customers to get accustomed to your new ordering interface your ordering process will be hassle-free for both the customer and your staff. Having Self-ordering kiosks that are, synchronized with your POS menu means that you can create more interaction and highlight variations. Speed of delivery is very important. A self-ordering kiosk will ultimately help you achieve quick delivery. Self-ordering kiosks not only reduce order time but decrease queues and increase order accuracy. In fact, statistics indicate that self-ordering kiosks can potentially increase average ticket size by 15-20{e29033e8052ccfaf3909a719e1b7635374dc38b007748f0273b9188820fdf76a}

Web Ordering and Online Ordering Applications

Extremely high smartphone penetration rates in the USA have given rise to exponential demand in purchasing and mobile ordering. Clients often, tend to order directly from their phones or laptops when looking for and discovering a restaurant online. Therefore, food ordering apps or web ordering platforms open up a whole host of opportunities for your business. Your food ordering app will create the order automatically, you just have to take it and process it. Therefore, you’re actually freeing up your front-house staff, and you could allocate them for something more important. This allows your business to process takeaway orders more efficiently, increase loyalty, offer deals, promotions and automate reservations.

Table Ordering

Tableside ordering can amaze your guests. After being greeted with a friendly smile at the entrance, they can be led to their seats, the guests can sit and chat for a while, or order what they want directly. Wait staff can introduce specialty items available in the menu and answer customer requirements, but the rest always depends on your customer. With the integrated food ordering app, branded with your own company logo, it will help you to push your brand to customers. Having this unique strategy your brand can talk directly with your customers through the platform that will turn a lot of them into direct transactions. Adopt the latest technology that can potentially improve guest involvement, make your job cooler, and your trade more lucrative!

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