Importance of Removing Grease from the Extraction Fans in Commercial Kitchens

Importance of Removing Grease from the Extraction Fans in Commercial Kitchens

When owning a restaurant is not only about customer service and good food. It is also essential to maintain proper hygiene in the kitchen where the food is prepared. In a commercial kitchen serving food for a large number of people, there is a high possibility of grease accumulating in the extractor fan and its blades. When there is an over-accumulation of the grease in the fan, then it may affect the overall kitchen environ as the productivity of the extraction fans decreases significantly. This aspect may dampen the overall quality and goodwill of the concerned restaurant.

It is important to remove the grease that accumulates in the fan blades not only to increase the life of the fans but it also helps in providing proper ventilation in the kitchen. In the extreme case of a fan failure, the kitchen may be shut down which in turn may give rise to unsatisfied customers and also affects the revenue-making potential of the catering firm.

The loss of customers can be terrible for business. Opting for a professional cleaning service is highly recommended as catering extractor fan cleaning can be initiated with absolute perfection. This service ensures that the quality of the commercial kitchen is maintained at all times.

Opting for a professional cleaning service provider can help a business to find the best possible ways of cleaning the vents in the kitchen space where the dust and grease can get accumulated. This professional can also provide filter options available in the market that can filter out the grease effectively. It is necessary that these filters are cleaned regularly to provide a hygienic environment for preparing the food. Availing filter exchange service can be highly beneficial as when one filter fails, the new one can be used in its place, while the old one undergoes the process of cleaning and maintenance.

Catering extractor fan cleaning is good for business in the long run. It is necessary for any commercial kitchen to have their extractors to be adequately cleaned. For a commercial kitchen, large extractors are required, and a fully working system is needed to comply with the health and safety legislation. Without having a hygienic environment in the kitchen space, the work environment might be considered as dangerous since one may lose the license and may have to shut down the business. Thus opting for professional cleaning of the extractors and ducts is recommended to every commercial kitchen.