Everything to Know About the Paddy Grain Dryer Machine

Everything to Know About the Paddy Grain Dryer Machine

The grain dryers are machines that are used for drying grains of all kinds. All grains require different drying modes to remove the moisture content from them, and the grain dryers are designed in such a way that they fulfill all the needs of such grain drying requirements.

When it comes to drying the rice or paddy, the method used is entirely different from one another. Rice is a type of crop that is not only heat-sensitive but is also prone to become a burst waist when the temperature is not the same.

The burst waist is the term that is used to refer to such rice grains that have cracks on them due to excess heat while drying.

These grains can become brittle and lose their texture while further milling process, and in turn, turns into a loss in the yield for the producers.

A paddy rice drying machine (ตู้อบข้าว, term in Thai) is the best choice for drying the paddy under the right temperature. CN World is a Thailand-based company and is quite famous for its paddy incubators.

They can offer the best-quality products for your requirement, as their merchandise is imported from reputable sources. Check their webpage for all the information.

Unlike the other drying options, the tower grain dryer is the ideal choice for some grains such as wheat, rice, sorghum, mung bean, soybean, and so on.

These grain dryers use a method of circulating the dry air all through the unit, and while doing so save a great deal of energy.

These units are installed with an in-built temperature controlling unit, and it shuts down the heating unit when the temperature reaches a certain level.

The other additions in the grain dryers include,

  • Fault alarm
  • Temperature sensor
  • Thermal-over relay
  • Sensor for the hot air temperature
  • Over-temperature alarm
  • Device to protect the heat-overload issue
  • Full load buzzer
  • Protection device to avoid

Why use dryers in the grain drying machine

Many benefits are available for the users of the dryers in the grain heating and drying machines. They are listed below.

  • It makes sure that the grains are dried to perfection by even circulating at the required temperature for more hours inside the unit.
  • The chances of carbon monoxide or fire hazards will be avoided because of the usage of unsafe burners in the other units.
  • The chances of uneven drying are avoided as the heat wave of the right temperature is circulated all around the dryer unit.
  • The chances of the production of broken grains can be avoided.

Unlike the other dryer units, the paddy driers will not consume excess heat while circulating heat wave of the required temperature inside the driers.

Hence, you can stay assured that your yield will be dried to perfection and all the unnecessary moisture content will be completely removed from every grain inside them.

To enjoy the excellent benefits of the grain drying units, it is suggested to always follow the instructions as explained in the manual.

Make sure that you maintain the dryer units by following all the steps as explained in the manual.