Enjoying your coffee

Enjoying your coffee

Which one of us does not enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea? Of course, it is another thing that there are various kinds of cold coffee and tea available too in chocolate and other flavors. The most common beverages are tea and coffee. But among them, do you know what is café au lait?

More details

The meaning is in French signifying coffee with milk. But making a proper and refreshing cup of coffee is also an art and this is where a coffee expert can whip up all kinds of the beverage in no time. The café au lait is made with fresh coffee which is hot and milk.  Now, many of us think that latte and espresso and all variations of coffee are the same but that is not the case at all. In fact, that is the reason people should know what is café au lait. Another thing to be noted is that café au lait is a coffee in which there is an addition of hot milk. Many people like to drink white coffee. This is a combination of cold milk to coffee with sugar and other kinds of sweeteners. 

Preparation of the brew

When you think of what is café au lait, you also need to know how to prepare it.  The milk is heated and poured into a cup or mug of coffee. Many people like to drink it without sugar or you can also sweeten it according to your taste buds.  Many coffee lovers who like to drink it bitter are fond of adding chicory to the coffee beans. When we say what is café au lait, we can think of black coffee that is brewed or blended. But the similarity is the combination of hot coffee and hot milk. This brand of coffee tastes simply yummy with croissants, muffins, or cupcakes.

Other inputs

  The café au lait is a very popular breakfast coffee in the French bistros. You also need to be very careful and pronounce the name correctly before understanding what you are asking for.  Although it originated in France, the café au lait has also become very popular in parts of Europe as well. Of course, it is another story that people have done a lot of innovations and variations to the said brand of coffee.

 Conclusive summary

When we speak of what is café au lait, it is a funny comparison but people’s complexions are also taken into consideration on account of this coffee color. If you are hailing from a mixed lineage, then you can often boast of creamy brown skin. This fact speaks volumes of a diversified ancestry. All in all, one must admit that the drink has a nice flavor as well as an interesting history behind it. If you wish to prepare your café au lait at home, then you can use hot coffee and milk. Nowadays, modern espresso machines make the work faster for you in order to enjoy your steaming cup of coffee.