Cuisines Taste, Manners & Etiquette

Cuisines Taste, Manners & Etiquette

Manners & Etiquette is what we heard and observed from the times when we started eating food. But did you know which nation has what dining manners and etiquette…? Sure, you know some but a few and so here I’m presenting this article for my viewers for the times when we will know exactly, the diversity and beauty of each Cuisine with its manners and etiquette.

The Great Indian Cuisine

India is the nation where you can satisfy your appetite for spicy food, heavy/light meals to sweetest desserts under one plate and also with a variation ranging from the North-India which has Punjabi, Rajasthani, Uk’s, UP’s, Jammu&Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarati, etc. Cuisines after which you reach to the Deccan where you find Maharashtrian, Hyderabadi, etc. and then to the Southern India region you get Vada, Masala Dosa, Appam, Puttu, Pazhampori, etc. in Karnataka, Andhra, Kerala, TamilNadu,etc. The Etiquette of Indian dining is to eat with right hand and sit with family on table or sitting on soft chatai mat laying it on ground. Food in India is considered as Purna-brahma and so is its beauty maintained over the years.

Cuisine of Japan

Washoku (Japanese Cuisine) was the food that was around before 1868, the end of Japan’s isolationist policies.Sushi,Udon (noodles), Tofu, Tempura, Yakitori, Sashimi, Ramen, Donburi, Natto, Oden are some of the most delicious & tempting dishes you just can’t say no to because over the years they have been made with such a delicacy by using quality ingredients, particular seasonality, and impeccable presentation. Slurping is a sing of appreciation, never raise food above your mouth, return all your dishes to how they were at the start of the meal once you’re done, etc. are some of the unique etiquette of ‘Washoku’.

In a sign of how serious the Japanese are about food, Michelin recently awarded many restaurants in Tokyo a Three Star rating (the maximum rating) than any other city in the world, including Paris.

Russian Kukhnya (Cuisine)

Russia, a multiethnic country, where you can test very different, sometimes very exotic dishes of many ethnic groups from the Tatar chak-chak (a desert made of dough and honeym to Yakutsk stroganina (freshly frozen fish or meat).  Shchi (cabbage soup), Pelmeni (Meat dumplings), Porridge, Russian pies, Olivier (Russain Salad), Vinaigrette, Pastille, Kvass, Aspic (Broth jelly) are never miss foods if you ever travel to Russia.

If you ever get an invitation to someone’s home for food or drinks, never turn it down as it is considered a great honor to be asked and declining it is deemed extremely impolite. You always get more food on table than you expect and do not completely clean your plate as it suggests that the food wasn’t enough for the guest to eat. While drinking Men customarily pour the drinks for the women sitting beside them. Vodka shots are served between the courses and keep in mind, do not stay too late, even if your host seems to insist upon it.

Italian Cuisine (Cucina Italiana)

When you enjoy cooking, you become acquainted with ingredients & flavors with a pleasurable delight; you get to know how they mix with each other, which type of scent their fragrance produce & how they’ll taste once they touch your tongue. Ah… Italian food is like poetry and painting; it is impossible to resist the beauty in forms and colors it creates when it’s spread out on a table and, of course, it is even harder to refrain from tasting it.

Pizza, Bottarga, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, Ribollita, Polenta, Risotto, etc. are the most famous and appetizing kinda food of Italty. Italian cuisine had spread over the years to most corners of the world and had become their part of everyday food as well. It is considered to wait until the host sits to announces, “Bounappetito”. Also avoid to slurp your spaghetti and do fill up your neighbor’s glass, always, before topping off your own.

Cusines of Africa

Africa is a very big continent and so is the wide diversity of the African Cuisines which has Cent African Cuisine, East-African cuisine & Horn of Africa.

Cent African region has okra, rice, spices, spinach, chili peppers manioc, and the fish can be seen in different dishes while the meats include goat and chicken while on roadside you will find the best barbecued meat and snacks. Grains, Millet, Sorghum, Maize, and Cambuulo (takes five hrs. to boil to make it perfect) & with heavy meals is what is the best East-African cuisine found in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda,etc. many won’t know but the ‘Horn of Africa’ means the Eritrean and Ethiopian Cuisines. Always eat with your right hand and keep it ‘Hand-to-Mouth’ are the etiquettes of African cuisine.

The American Cuisine

It is hard to say, if America has anything significant in its cuisine originally but when we see the craze for food and the dedicated restaurants all around the America, we understand that Cheese Burgers, Pizza, Fried potato dishes, Drinks, etc. are so new after sometime because of the new techniques and ideas that Americans has and so even though they don’t have a original cuisine, they have the most diverse range of food you name and they give it to you right-away.

Singapore Masakan(Cuisine)

An average Singapore citizen can eat almost 4-6 meals a day and just think how tasty food they do really make. Singapore is a tiny country with a voracious appetite. Hainanese chicken rice, Chili crab, Nasi lemak, Hokkienmee, Fish head curry, Laksa, Har cheong Jai,Lobster nasi lemak, Eggs Benedict prata, etc. are their original dishes and also the best of street food, you can get in the City of Singapore.

Cuisines of China

The four major cuisines of China are Chuan, Lu, Yue and Huaiyang, representing West, North, South and East. With a long history, unique features, numerous styles and exquisite cooking, Chinese cuisine is one important constituent part of Chinese culture.

With the traditional to the most trending, here are some of the most famous dishes from the land of china. Sweet&Sour pork, Kung Pao chicken, Ma Po Tofu, Wontons, Dumplings, Chow Mein, Perking roasted duck, Vermicelli Rolls, Hotpot, Shrimp with Vermicelli and Garlic, etc.

While you eat the Chinese food, noise from mouth shall be avoided and also be graceful and polite when taking food with chopsticks. Talk less to nothing when you enjoy your Chinese meal and always let elders say, “let’s eat”. Tea is served as soon as you enter an authentic Chinese restaurant and always appreciate the host and invite them for the dinner while leaving. Such are some of the etiquettes of Chinese cuisine.

Now that we have listed some of the best cuisines from around the world, we think some of the notable mentions are Mexican Cuisine, Thai cuisine, French cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Greek Cuisine, Turkish Cuisine and German cuisine. We hope that our article was helpful for you to choose your choice of cuisine and know its unique facts.

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