Charcoal And Gas Based Ovens From BBQs 2u in The United Kingdom

Charcoal And Gas Based Ovens From BBQs 2u in The United Kingdom

BBQs 2u is a leading independent reseller of Kamado Joe, Ooni Pizza Ovens, and Napoleon barbeques in the United Kingdom. Since 2002, BBQs 2u is quite well-known in the UK for selling barbecues. Therefore, they are quite passionate about all kinds of grills and can provide their customers with a plethora of grilling knowledge.

BBQs 2u sells and carries Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt Gravity, Ooni Pizza Ovens, and Napoleon, as well as all Ooni Koda and Napoleon barbecue accessories. The BBQs 2u crews are grilling aficionados that love to share their knowledge with their customers. Whether people need gas or charcoal, there is a BBQ available for all customers.

  • Gas Powered Pizza Oven from Ooni Koda 

Choose the Ooni Koda 16, a Pizza Oven powered by gas, for maximum convenience and control. It will achieve 500°C i.e. 932°F in 20 minutes and can cook a stone-baked fresh pizza within just 60 seconds. It has an extra-large cooking area meant for 16” sized pizzas, meat joints, bread, and more! 

Stone-baked large 16″ pizzas and exquisite veggies, flame-cooked meats, and shellfish are all attainable with the Ooni Koda 16, an outdoor pizza oven that is gas-powered.

This type of Ooni Koda combines a show-stopping style having the convenience of gas cooking. It features a good gap, a big mineral stone baking board, as well as a unique created flame.

  • Napoleon Barbecues

These BBQs are professionals at grilling using gas and infrared heat. Use Napoleon grills to boost the cooking game during this BBQ season. Napoleon BBQs will stand out from the crowd thanks to their superior engineered performance, cooking features, and elegant design.

The mission of BBQs 2u is basically to offer their customers high-quality accessories for all those ovens that they are representing in UK at the lowest possible prices while at the same time also delivering exceptional customer service.

  • A Premium Ceramic Grills from Kamado Joe BBQs  

The Kamado Joe UK is having a thick-walled, classic Asian-style grill that gives fish, meats, and vegetables a deep, smokey flavour. Air has flowed through its ceramic grill body and out of the vented dome for generations, bringing the entire chunk charcoal back to life in the form of heat and smoke.

Its grills have substantially thicker walls than regular grills so that it enables them to maintain heat more efficiently. Once prepared, kamado grills are quite stable, and they can cook both at high and low temperatures as long as there is oxygen and charcoal present in the grill. These Kamado grills are made of ceramic materials and last for a long time.

Kamado grills are named from a Japanese phrase that refers to traditional Japanese wood/charcoal-burning cooking equipment. This traditional kamado is quite similar to a tandoor, was a large urn or egg-shaped receptacle composed of clay or any other ceramic material.

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