Best Italian Gourmet Products For Your Pantry

Best Italian Gourmet Products For Your Pantry

Best Italian gourmet products with quality definitely will produce world-class luxury taste. Gourmet is a luxury culinary culture that requires special treatment in the manufacturing process for its visual appearance.

Best Italian gourmet products now come in high quality. Due to its quality, gourmet dishes certainly use premium ingredients. For everyday use, you can get the Best Italian gourmet products for your pantry at

Here are some of the best Italian gourmet products that are often used in various types of international cuisine menus.

Italian Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is an oil rich in the aroma of truffle mushrooms. This mushroom is known as one of the luxury foodstuffs in the world. best truffle oil will give a distinctive and elegant taste and aroma to every dish.

Giuliano Tartufi truffle & Tartufi Jimmy are one well-known brand that has the best quality truffles. This product with the main composition of rare mushrooms such as black and white truffles is produced directly from Italy, so the truffle oil and sauce have a distinctive and unique aroma and character to complement various dishes on the menu.

Assorted Pasta: Best Italian gourmet products

Not Only Spaghetti, Let’s Get To Know Various kinds of pasta from Italy! Love all kinds of Italian pasta? It turns out that not only spaghetti but there are other kinds of pasta that you may not know about. Pasta fans should be happier because now more and more types of pasta are owned by Di martino pasta and available at

Maybe you’ve ever wondered, why the heck is the amount of pasta so much. Pasta is a staple food in Italy, so the combination of sauce and protein is also great. Although several types of pasta can replace each other, different forms of pasta mean different uses. Even for the Italians themselves, it is sacred law to use a specific type on certain pasta menus. Want to know what is now increasingly trending to use? Check out the following variants!


Penne is pasta in the shape of a small tube cut diagonally. Penne is suitably served with a variety of sauces, ranging from cream, tomato, or meat.


This type of pasta is similar to penne, the difference is that it is larger. It is shaped like a tube with strokes so that the sauce sticks and fills the pasta when enjoyed. The goal is to make the dining experience even more enjoyable.

Interestingly, rigatoni is also a very versatile pasta. The advantages were not only used for the usual pasta stir-fry dish but also for baking. So imagine if the rigatoni is baked with a mixture of four types of cheese () or only with Bolognese sauce. It’s delicious!


Linguine has a shape like spaghetti but with a flattened version. Linguine is best served with seafood sauce, whether made from tomatoes or from cream.