3 Most Interesting Coffee Facts That Every Coffee-Lover Should Know

3 Most Interesting Coffee Facts That Every Coffee-Lover Should Know

One of the most beneficial beverages, it is true that drinking two to four cups daily will do save you from a number of diseases. Start drinking coffee daily, and you will already start reducing heart diseases from now.

Even without considering that, let us be very honest that coffee is heavily overrated and well, there are debates and reasons with which coffee-lovers will never give up. Remember to not mess with them and meanwhile, if you are one such patron of drinking coffee, did you know these interesting coffee facts?

Coffee Should Be a Part of Your History Book

You can call it a rumor or believe the legend where it says that goat herders of the 9th century found some weird behavior of their goats after they ate the fruit. It was none other than a coffee plant. The Coffee lovers must try Indian filter coffee, they are one of the best coffee flavours ever suggested by experts.

One of the herders ate few coffee fruits and saw that he could stay awake for more hours at night than he could in other days. Well, don’t you also think there should have been a chapter on the discovery of coffee in your history book?


Have You Ever Tasted A Coffee-Cherry?

You must have drunk coffee or eaten a cherry, but what about a coffee-cherry? Sounds crazy, but yes, you can eat a coffee fruit like eating berries. The seeds of the fruit make coffee, but the berry-like fruit is itself palatable, and maybe people use it to secrete the pulp out of it and make something like wine. Try tasting it yourself one day because you already know how to make coffee and drink it.

Don’t Think That You Buy the Costliest Coffee in Your Neighbourhood

Maybe you love your coffee brand, and maybe that is because you think that is the costliest of all. Well, it can be the costliest brand in your city, but do not believe in that joke after you get to know the price of the best coffee and know how it forms.

The costliest coffee comes from the faeces of an Asian palm civet, which eats coffee beans and cannot digest it to excrete out a smoother form. It costs around $600 for a pound. Still, think that you drink the costliest coffee, well think twice.

There are so many things to learn about coffee, and some of the facts might just amaze you never like before. Above here are the most interesting three facts about coffee.