White Eyeliner for Men

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www.colourbasis.com Christi Schreiber of Color Foundation demonstrates utilizing a white eye liner to open up the eyes for a shiny and extra awake look: Whats up Beautiful, one other trick to open these eyes on digital camera is utilizing our white highlighting pencil on the interior rim of the attention. So while you place this on the interior rim, do not pull your eye down together with your finger however in the event you take it and press your finer simply beneath your eye the decrease lid will roll ahead. And also you’re simply coloring this rim on there. Look all the way in which up for me, nice. This white liner extends the whites of the eyes and actually helps to open that eye up. Now while you first do it and also you take a look at it, it appears to be like form of like an alien as a result of it is all you see. After its been on for about ten minutes it may switch to your higher rim and depart somewhat residue up there. Which once more opens the attention up and it softens the decrease rim space as effectively. That is nice for a morning present, actually drained eyes or in case you have one eye that’s noticeably bigger than one other you’ll use this within the small eye to open it up and even it out to the bigger eye. So that you simply paint it on there and opens up the attention. And you may take your eyes and squish collectively for me. Good. When he squish’s collectively that helps switch it to the higher rim and softens it up. So there you go, shiny eyed and bushy tailed with the white liner. Love this factor!



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