Waqar Zaka Threatens To Expose Pakistani Cricket Team – He Needs The Help of Pakistanis In This Matter

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We are all deeply grieved due to the lose of Pakistani cricket in World Cup 2015. Every Pakistani was shocked to see the poor performance of Pakistan. Even the professional players of the team, played as they are playing in the streets of their houses and not in an international ground. These players didn’t played for Pakistan at all!

Recently, Waqar Zaka in extreme anger decided to expose Pakistani cricket team. He gave a video message to all the Pakistanis and asked us to help him in this matter. Here is the video message:

Waqar Zaka Threatens To Expose Pakistani Cricket Team

So download line on your mobile phone and search for Waqar Zaka on Line. Add him into your accounts and lets see who is the person behind the poor performance of Pakistan Cricket Team. Try to Spread this video message as forward as you can.


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