Unknown Facts About Shah Rukh Khan Which Will Make You Surprised

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Many people want to discover the unknown facts about their favorite celebrities. So today the team of stylishpie.com brings to you the unknown facts about Shah Rukh Khan. These facts will truly amaze and surprise you because they are unknown ! 😉

Shah Rukh Khan Was Not Good At Studies

Shah Rukh Khan used to be a naughty student and he went school not to study but to enjoy with friends. His teachers used to scold him. He was a big fan of Bollywood movies.

His mother was worried of the bad grades of Shah Rukh. Once Shah Rukh asked his mother to show him a Bollywood movie and in return he would get good grades. Her mother allowed her to watch a Bollywood movie and surprisingly Shah Rukh got very good grades in his next exams.

Unknown Facts About Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan 555 and Night Suit Belief

SRK thinks that 555 is the luckiest number for him. So he always use 555 number plates on his cars. He has a big collection of cars and amazingly all his cars have 555 in common.

He always asks his maid to wash and iron his night suit. He says that sleeping with neat and tidy clothes, bring good dreams.

shah rukh khan car

Shah Rukh Khan’s First Fight Was With …..

All of us are aware of the severe fight which rose among the Bollywood mega stars Shah Rukh and Salman Khan. But have you ever thought about the first fight of Shah Rukh in Bollywood? His first fight was with Anupam Kher. SRK fractured his two ribs and Anupam injured the chest of Shah Rukh Khan by hitting him with a leg.

As this news got viral, Shah Rukh and Anupam denied the news and said that they were mistakenly injured while doing a stunt for a film!

shah rukh khan and anupam kher

Unknown Facts About Shah Rukh Khan-A BMW Lover

After his family, Shah Rukh loves BMW. He has many luxury and deluxe limited editions of BMW. He says that I don’t like to travel in any other car except BMW.

shah rukh khan bmw

Owner Of A Small Restaurant

Before stepping into the Bollywood industry, Shah Rukh Khan ran a small restaurant in New Delhi. He ran this bussiness for a short time period because he got offers from Bollywood. That’s the reason he loves food and coffee.

shah rukh khan restaurant

Shah Rukh Khan Sold Tickets

SRK himself sold tickets at the booking window of a Mumbai cinema for his 1994 movie “Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa”. He was paid a total sum of Rs 25,000 for acting in this film.


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