Unknown Facts About Shah Rukh Khan Which Defines Him In and Out

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There are many facts which defines SRK In and Out. His fans wants to know about hime more and more. So here the some unknown facts which defines Shah Rukh Khan In and Out.

Unknown Facts About Shah Rukh Khan Which Defines Him In and Out


1. SRK has a phobia of riding horses, that’s the thing which patrifies him the most.

2. Shah Rukh Khan is moody about ice creams, most of the time he hates it.

3. SRK was very naughty in his school days, whenever a new teach came he used to epileptic fits.

4. SRK was shy with girls, he would never really flirt or have girlfriend. The only girl he first got crush was Gauri Khan.

5. The Khan was good at Biology and Electronics but he was terrible in Hindi and Mathematics.

6. He shortly operated a restaurant in old Delhi’s daryaganj area before becoming an actor.

7. He makes sure his sleeping pajymas are freshly-ironed every night because he believes that ”one never knows who you meet in dreams.”

8. The only time he hates the camera clicking in when he eats his food.

9. SRK is head over heals in love with his wife Gauri Khan and he is very possesive about her. He loves calling her ‘Gaurima’.

10. He was originally called ”Sharuk’ but her prefers to call him ”Shah Rukh”.



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