These 5 Facts About Salman Khan Will Make You Dislike Him

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Every person has flaws, even the celebrities have it too. Apparently superstars looks perfect but it doesn’t look like these.These 5 Facts About Salman Khan Will Make You Dislike Him.

These 5 Facts About Salman Khan Will Make You Dislike Him

1. A Totally Flop Boyfriend

You must be aware of his uncountable love affairs. He has been into relationship with pretty many actresses, models and popular faces. but in spite of so many affairs he is still unmarried and single. Ever wondered why ? He was even dumped by Aishwarya and Katrina.

If he were a good partner then why would any girl dumb a rich and famous personality like Sallu ? Besides being violent to his girlfriends, he offers them nothing but zero. he gives no emotional fidelity to his relationships.

The superstar is actually flop in reality. He fails to cultivate meaningful relationships based on love, respect and mutual understanding.

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2. He Doesn’t Respect Women

Salman KHan beats up his woman ! There had many stories of Salman Khan beating up his girlfriends. What would you call a guy who beats up his girl if not a bad boy ? Why would anyone thing dating such a person ?

It was reported that Katrina had confessed about Salman’s violent behavior towards her. He doesn’t know how to respect woman, yet he is portrayed as a guy who beats up the wrong in his films.

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3. He doesn’t Own Up His Mistakes

There had been so many news about his evil and cruel acts. he had been to so many interviews and conferences as well as reality shows but nowhere was he confessing or even admitting his wrongs.

He had been accused of breaking forest rules, drinking and acting rude and as mentioned above, beating his girl too.

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4. He Lacks In Self-Control

A man, however bad or a beast ay be, acts good in public. Salman Khan lacks the good humanly features and courtesies. He has no self-control which a superstar like him needs the most.

He is said to be so aggressive that he randomly abuses and thrashes people around him. His tiff with the media is constant.

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5. Too Unprofessional

Keeping aside his bad habits, he had been a very amazing superstar known for his works in the film industry. He is not sincere with his work either. He is very unprofessional and goes for shooting whenever he feels and does whatever he wants.

It had been reported that Salman Khan arrives drunk at the sets of the films and most of the time he is late.

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