Sonam Kapoor To Finish Her Graduation This Year

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Sonam Kapoor says she has one regret in her life  that she didn’t completed her graduation. The 29-year-old, however hopes to get her degree this year.

Sonam Kapoor said,

”My biggest regret is I’ve not completed my studies. Bit I’m going to finish my graduation this year. I’m going to fill in the forms to get my undergraduate degree in Literature. For me, It’s one of those thing that I regret.”

Sonam Kapoor feels that she should have waited for 4 years to before entering in Bollywood.

She said,

”I stopped studying at the 12th. Then I came and become actress. I could have waited for four years”.

Now Sonam Kapoor is completing her graduation this year. Best of luck.

Sonam Kapoor To Finish Her Graduation This Year

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