Size 0 Kareena Kapoor’s Fitness & Beauty Secrets

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Every girl wants a size 0 figure like Kareena Kapoor and most of them doesn’t find any beauty secret of Kareena. In a recently interview, Kareena talked about her fitness and beauty secrets which she shared with all the women who want a zero figure and gorgeous beauty like her. So check it out Size 0 Kareena Kapoor’s Fitness & Beauty Secrets.

Size 0 Kareena Kapoor’s Fitness & Beauty Secrets

Size 0 Kareena Kapoor's Fitness & Beauty Secret  001Kareena Kapoor beauty secrets


” I am a vegetarian and believe in eating lots of green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek and broccoli. I eat healthy meals with a lot of whole grains and I don’t cut down on carbs. I eat every two to three hours. At night I usually have dal, vegetables, curd and roti or brown rice. I try to drink six to eight glass of boiled water everyday.”


”I do Ashtanga and power yoga for an hour everyday.”


”I love oiling my hair with a mixture of almond, caster, coconut and olive oil. I do this once a month. I use Kerestase shampoo specifically for dry hair and follow it with a blow dry.”


”During the day I wear no makeup at all. For night I line my eyes with black kohl. I also love a smokey eye look with Yuse St. Larent Brown eye pencil plus I curl my lashes with a lot of YSL Mascara. For lips a prefer to use a pale pink lipstick.”


”I use Lancome face wash. I try to avoid creams because of the chemical contents. In winters I use Clarins HydraQuench rich cream and on a beach I use Clarins sun screen. I don’t believe in facials.”


 ”Under all my junk ( wallet, credit cards and odd papers ) you’ll find my favorite cherish MAC lipstick, MAC cream blush improper copper and Channel Kohl pencil in black.”



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