Shocking Tragedies In The Life Of Pakistani Celebrities

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Most of us often think that rich and famous people like celebrities live a happy and trouble free life but this fact is not true. Whether a person is rich or famous, tragedies or mishaps can happen.

So lets have a look at the most shocking tragedies in the life of Pakistani celebrities.


Shocking Tragedies In The Life Of Pakistani Celebrities

Babar Khan

Shocking Tragedies In The Life Of Pakistani Celebrities

On number one, we have the name of Pakistani actor Babar Khan. I think that he has faced the most severe tragedy in his life when his newly wed wife Sana Khan died. Just after a few months of marriage, Babar Khan and Sana Khan were on their way from Karachi to Hyderabad when suddenly the car went out of control of Babar and a severe accident happened.

Sana Khan died on the spot before she could get any medical aid while Babar Khan received severe injuries but he survived.

Humayun Saeed

Humayun saeed accident

Humayun Saeed was with his team members in Thailand to find the place for shooting of a new film. But unfortunately, the car in which Humayun and his members were travelling collided with a double decker bus. All of them were rushed to the hospital and thanks God that they survived.

Rohi Bano

roohi bano

Senior Pakistani actress Rohi Bano lost her mental condition when someone murdered her most beloved son. She received many treatments and even after 10-12 years, her mind is not in a good position till now.

Iman Ali

Iman Ali and abid ali

Iman Ali got a severe shock when her father Abid Ali did the second marriage. Iman left the house and lived in a rent house. Iman Ali lost her temper and for many years she was unable to recover from her mental disorder.

Moomal Khalid

Moomal khalid accident

Moomal Khalid was on her way with fiance Shahzaib Magsi when suddenly their car collided. Shahzaib Magsi died and Moomal Khalid received severe injuries and fortunately she survived.


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