Ranbir Kapoor Reacts On Salman’s Statement “Katrina Kapoor”

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Recently, Salman’s sister got married. Salman Khan invited 250 guests to this wedding ceremony. The most hot and popular celebrities were Katrina Kaif, Aamir Khan, Karan Johar, Priyanka Chopra and many more. Arpita Khan’s wedding was celebrated with full doom delight.

Ranbir Kapoor who was not invited to the celebration, kept a close eye to the party and he tried his best to know what’s happening in the wedding.

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The celebrities also performed and danced on Arpita’s wedding. During this wedding ceremony, Salman Khan tried to taunt Katrina Kaif. When DJ played the song “Chikni Chameli”, Salman called Katrina to come on the stage and dance. But Katrina Kaif became shy because she didn’t want to dance with her Ex boyfriend “Salman Khan”. Katrina Kaif hide herself behind Karan Johar.

Then Salman Khan asked Karan Johar to come to the stage and he asked Karan to bring Katrina with her. On that time, Salman was in high spirits and he said to Katrina Kaif

“Ok fine, Not Katrina Kaif. Katrina Kapoor, Please come on the stage”.

When Katrina Kaif came on the stage Salman Khan made another statement:

” I asked you to become Katrina Khan but you chose to be Katrina Kapoor instead”.

Ranbir Kapoor Reacts On Salman’s Statement “Katrina Kapoor”

ranbir kapoor reacts on salman's statement

Ranbir Kapoor Reacts On Salman’s Statement “Katrina Kapoor”

Now lets see what Ranbir Kapoor reacts on Salman’s statement “Katrina Kapoor”. Ranbir’s reaction to this statement of Salman Khan was funny. Ranbir laughed and took it as a matter of joke. He didn’t became angry and just laughed out loud.


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