Protest Against Amir Khan – Facts And Reviews

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Amir Khan‘s new film ‘PK‘ which was released on 19th December has accused as an ‘Anti-Hinduism‘ film. This film has made many Hindu aggressive as it has some scenes which have shown their some religious affair which they think should not be in that movie. Many people of India protested against this film ‘PK’ and Amir Khan as well. Some of  annoyed Hindus have taken worst step too and now case filed against Amir Khan and Film ‘PK’. Why this propaganda raised…? What is the reason of this protest and for accusing Amir Khan? we will tell you the real facts behind protest against Amir Khan – facts and reviews of some Indian Politician.

Protest Against Amir Khan – Facts And Reviews Of Indian Politicians

protest against film PK

Case Filed Against Amir Khan And Film ‘Pk’

Recently, we have seen Amir Khan in Film ‘PK’ in which he have done a role of an alien who came from some other planet to earth in India and lost his remote control of his space ship. Because of its theft he went everywhere to find that and came to know that ‘Bhagwan‘ (Hindu’s god) knows everything there. Then he decided to find ‘Bhagwan‘. To find him he went to many places and also chased the person who was disguised as one of their god for some show. He closed him in a bathroom and asked for his help. This thing has made many Hindus annoyed that Amir Khan has insulted their god. Also he has shown in this movie that these gods idol can not ful fill their all wishes by himself. People who are believing upon all those people who take money and tells that god will now full fill their wishes are just like as they are talking on ‘Wrong Numbers’

Many people of India including Hindus are not agreed with their extremist Hindu Brothers that this film has insulted their gods.

Swami Agnivesh is an Indian Politician and Social Activist. He said in his Interview on TV 9 (An Indian Channel) that ‘PK’ is an excellent movie and it should not be banned as fraud on the name of Religion should be stop. He also stated that last year a movie ‘Oh My God’ released in which Paresh Rawal has insulted ‘Sadhus’ (Hindu Religious Person) and their gods extremely but no one claimed him for this insult and no issue created on this subject because he was Hindu and now all this matter is raised by some Hindus because Amir Khan is Muslim. Even 99% crew of this movie including director Raj Kumar Hirani are Hindu.

Lal Krishna Advani who is also an Indian Politician and Senior Party leader of BJP ( Bharatiya Janata Party) also said that this movie is wonderful and most courageous film.

Every person has his own point of view which one can share in any way but to make that an issue and protest without any solid reason does not give good impact. the reason for all this propaganda is not the insult of gods or subject of movie but because of an actor who has done this role is a muslim man. My opinion is exactly same as said by these Hindu politicians. But you can decide yourself that is the reality.




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