A Perfect 3 Step Guide To Achieve Bold Brows

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Thick and bold brows are very trending these days. Makeup stylists are seriously putting attention on this while doing celebrity makeups but not every one is blessed with bold brows. But you can achieve these sexy bold brows by trying few easy tricks and the right products.

A Perfect 3 Step Guide To Achieve Thick Brows

A Perfect 3 Step Guide To Achieve bold Brows 3 Step Guide To Achieve Bold Brows

Home Remedies

Oil : Olive, caster, coconut and almond oil are extremely nourishing natural products. The thing you should do is to apply one of these oil on your brows and massage then on regular basis to make them thick and fuller. These oils are enriched with Vitamin E that moisturizes and when applied regularly will add volume to you eye brows.

Vaseline : Apply vaseline on and around your eye brows twice or thrice a day. It will moisturize and condition the area and will make you brows thick.

Artificial Method

Eye Pencils / Powder : You can use a powder to make your eyes look lighter or darker, depending on your hair color what you are wearing and the thickness you are going for. This set is a major splurge but you get three shades brushes and tweezers. Go one shade darker than your hair color. Use a brow shadow to fill in brows for a natural, soft look. Use an angled brush, apply the shadow on and right around our brows, without straying too far from your natural hair line.




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