Pakistani Shows Are Superior To Ours – Said Paresh Rawal

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Pakistani shows have amazed all India with its superb castings, story and excellent acting. Pakistani shows has received huge support and love from India. Beside their audience, even their most experienced and excellent actors are praising our Pakistani dramas.

After Pakistani dramas storm India with the launch and successful running of Zee Zindagi, India has become crazy about Pakistani dramas. Even the most polished and experienced actor of India Paresh Rawal.

Paresh Rawal said,

”Forget Hollywood, we can not even compare our films to Pakistani shows.They are far more superior to what we produce here. We need to make some more smart films where we don’t take our audience for granted and think that they will not understand what we want to convey and this is what attracted me at Raja Natwarlal. Con films genre is one genre that hasn’t been explored much and there is a lot of scope in this genre.”

He also said that a success of a film doesn’t depend on the revenue it generates, rather plot and acting hold central importance.

 Pakistani Shows Are Superior To Ours РSaid Paresh Rawal

Pakistani Shows Are Superior To Ours - Said Paresh RawalPakistani Shows Are Superior To Ours – Said Paresh Rawal


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