Pakistani Celebrity Couples Who Don’t Have Kids After Their Marriage

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There are some Bollywood and Pakistani celebrity couples who don’t have kids after their marriage. So lets have a look at them:

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Pakistani Celebrity Couples Who Don’t Have Kids After Their Marriage

Mohib and Amna Sheikh

mohib and amna sheikh wedding

Mohib and Amna got married in 2005. At the time of their marriage, this couple was not very famous. But as time passed, Amna and Mohib improved their reputation in the showbiz industry. About 10 years has passed of their married life but they don’t have any child yet. It seems that Mohib and Amna are considering more on their career than to have kids.

Sahir Lodhi and His Wife Somi Nizami

sahir lodhi with his wife somi nizami

Everyone is aware of the name of Sahir Lodhi. He is famous for his hosting talent and he is the clone copy (china made copy) of Shahrukh Khan 😉 . Sahir Lodhi is married to Somi Nizami. His wife is not from showbiz. Sahir and Somi are married since years but we haven’t listened any news from them regarding their baby.

Samina Saeed and Humayun Saeed

Pakistani Celebrity Couples Who Don't Have Kids

Humayun Saeed and Samina are married since 16 years but this couple is still childless. Samina Saeed is the co owner of six sigma production and Humayun is the famous and successful pakistani film and drama actor.

Marina Khan and Her Husband

marina khan husband

Our senior actor and host Marina Khan is also childless. Marina Khan have a lot of pets and she love her pets a lot.


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