Pakistani Celebrities Who Could Not Marry Their Love

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Have you ever thought about the first love of famous Pakistani celebrities? Many people fall in love in their life but, unfortunately, most of them are unable to succeed in their love.

So let us read about the crushes of famous Paki celebs.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Could Not Marry Their Love


Meera and Saud

saud and meera love

Pakistani actor Saud (husband of Javeria) was once in deep love with Queen of Scandals Meera. But, unfortunately, the couple parted ways due to some problems and Saud married Javeria.

Resham and Khawar Bhatti

actress resham love

Actress Resham got in love with fashion designer Khawar Bhatti. Both of them decided to marry and even their wedding date was set. But something strange happened and both of them ignored to marry each other.

Sami Khan and Sara Chaudhry

sara chaudhry and sami khan

Sami Khan’s first love was with actress Sara Chaudhry. Both of them got engaged and were near to marry. Later on, the couple broke their engagement!

Ayesha Khan and Humayun Saeed

ayesha khan and humayun saeed

The most popular affair of Lollywood was of Ayesha Khan and Humayun Saeed. Both of them started to live together without having any marital relations, they were spotted together at parties and functions. The news got so much fame that even media claimed that Humayun Saeed is going to marry Ayesha Khan very soon, but nothing happened.

So these are the Pakistani celebrities who could not marry their love. Did we forget to mention any story related to this topic? Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us.


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