Pakistani Celebrities Caught Drunk; The Most Shocking Photos

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We all know that Indian celebrities are addicted to alcohol. But do you know that some Pakistani celebrities are also addicted to alcohol. You will get an extreme shock when you will see most famous Pakistani celebrities drinking wine. So lets have a look at Pakistani celebrities caught drunk:

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Pakistani Celebrities Caught Drunk; The Most Shocking Photos

veena malik and ashmit patel

The controversial celebrity of Pakistan, Veena Malik is also spotted drinking wine. In this picture, you can see her enjoying alcohol with Ashmit Patel. Veena Malik has also been involved in different scandals.

mathira caught drunk

Have a look at Mathira. She is ready to celebrate her birthday with a bottle of whiskey.

sharmila farooqi scandal hot

See at Sharmila Farooqi. Sharmila Farooqi is a party leader of PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party). I bet that these shameful and stupid leaders can’t rule Pakistan correctly.

pakistani celebrities caught drunk on camera

OH MY GOD! See Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Abdullah Kadwani etc. You can also look at the bottle of wine on the table. I was extremely shocked when I saw this picture. I never thought of these celebrities like this. I bet that you have also got a shock!

Pakistani Celebrities Caught Drunk

See how Sajid Hassan is enjoying a glass of alcohol with a cigarette at his other hand. Being a Muslim and Pakistani, he should be ashamed of doing this. Shocking! Right Na?

Pakistani celebrities in private parties Oh My God, see the glass of wine in Javed Sheikh’s hand. He is enjoying wine with cigarette. Unbelievable!

pakistani models drunk

These two ladies are Pakistani models. Look at their ages and their shameful deeds.

So ladies and gentlemen, these were the photos of Pakistani celebrities caught drunk. I got a shock when I saw these famous Pakistani muslim celebs drinking and enjoying alcohol. You will also be amazed to see them. Being a Muslim, a person should be ashamed of doing these type of deeds but these celebs are not aware of their bad deeds. May God lead them to a right path!


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