Pakistani Celebrities and Their Strange Likes

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Do you want to know about Pakistani celebrities and their strange likes? Do you want to know the crazy obsessions of Pakistani celebs?

Ok, then no problem because today I am going to share Pakistani celebrities and their strange likes. Here we go:

Pakistani Celebrities and Their Strange Likes

Sara Loren

Pakistani Celebrities and Their Strange Likes

Sara Loren has a very strange type of like. She likes her lips a lot. If you see her instagram pictures then you can notice that her each and every pic shows her great love for her lips. She should switch her instagram account name from Sara Loren to Sara Loren Lips!

Amna Ilyas

amna ilyas

The talented and young Pakistani actress and model Amna has a great love for her glasses and she looks quite pretty in them. She has a big collection of sunglasses in which she has different types and styles of glasses.

Ali Zafar

ali zafar in restaurant

Ali Zafar likes to eat different types of foods. He also has a hobby of cooking food. Most of the times, he is spotted eating different types of dishes. Ali Zafar is a man of taste.

Humaima Malik

Humaima malik and her gorgeous hair

The hot Pakistani actress Humaima Malik can’t make her hands stay away from her hair. Whenever she takes her selfie, she is always playing with her hair.

Syra Shehroz

syra shehroz and her dogs

Syra Shehroz is a big fan of dogs. She has a great craze of puppets. Syra has different types of dogs in her house. She cares for them as she cares for herself and she feeds her dogs as she feeds herself.

Mawra Hocane

mawra hocane hot

Mawra Hocane can’t really live without exercise. She exercises daily for about two to three hours. Mawra is a supporter of fitness and healthy life.

So ladies and gentlemen, these were the Pakistani celebrities and their crazy obsessions. Hope you found the likes of these celebs interesting and crazy too. What’s your strange obsession? Don’t forget to share your views and comments.


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