Pakistani Actresses Who Look Like Their Mothers

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Today brings you the most interesting topic about Pakistani Actresses. Do you want to see Pakistani actresses who look like their mothers? Surely, Yes! So what are you waiting for. See the pictures below:

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Pakistani Actresses Who Look Like Their Mothers

Mehreen Raheel With Her Mother

celebrities parents

Mehreen Raheel has a great resemblance with her mother. Mehreen has a same smile like her mother. If Mehreen becomes old and fat, then I think you can’t spot any difference between the mother and the daughter.

Saba Hameed and Her Mother

saba hameed family

Saba Hameed looks like her mother very much. Both of them have same nose, eyes and a complete matching face. You will see Saba Hameed same ditto copy of her mother, when Saba will get old and leave anti aging treatments like Botox.

Arij Fatima Mother


Pakistani actresses Who Look Like Their Mothers

If you are sensible and can judge carefully, then you will notice that Arij Fatima is a copy of her mother. If Arij’s mother go for a diet and lose his weight like Arij Fatima, then Arij and her mother will look twins! What you say?

Mawra With Her Mother

mawra hocane with her mother

These are the friendly and funny photos of Mawar with her mother. Mawra looks 70% like her mother. Mawra lips, smile and nose greatly reflect her mother.

Dua Malik Mother

dua malik with her mother

Dua Malik is the sister of Humaima Malik. You can compare Dua Malik and her mother and I bet that you can’t spot a difference between them. Dua and her mother are 95% matching to each other. The only difference is the picture quality!

Shaista Lodhi With Her Mother

Shaista lodhi with her mother

Shaista Lodhi also looks somewhat like her mother. If Shaista becomes old and leave anti aging treatments then you can see a great face ressemblance with her mother.

So these were the Pakistani actresses who look like their mothers. Whom you think, looks completely like her mother?


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