Pakistani Actresses Who Exposed On Camera (Part-2)

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Pakistani actresses are copying the styles of Indian celebrities. The concept of wearing full clothes and the concept of wearing Dupatta is lost in our society especially in the showbiz. Pakistani actresses should keep in mind that if Indian actresses do vulgar fashion then it’s because they have no religion but why you being a Muslim follow their fashion statements? Every Pakistani actress should be ashamed of exposing their bodies on camera.

Pakistani Actresses Who Exposed On Camera (Part 1)

Pakistani Actresses Who Exposed On Camera (Part-2)

Ushna Shah

Pakistani Actresses Who Exposed On Camera


Ushna Shah is a beautiful and talented Pakistani actress. But I think that she has never displayed her beauty in a respectable manner. She has always showed her beauty by doing vulgar fashion. This lady also said that Pakistanis are hypocrites! So my question to Ushna is that if Pakistanis are hypocrite then how are you? A shameless lady!

Mehreen Raheel

mehreen raheel hot pictures

Mehreen Raheel looks very innocent on camera. Her housewife roles in drama serials have won the hearts of many but in reality she is doing vulgar fashion. She wears sleevless clothes like Indian actresses and if we look at the above pictures then you can realize that she has exposed a lot on camera. Should we appreciate her?

Mahira Khan

Mahira khan hot

All of us are a big fan of Mahira Khan’s acting. We are impatient to see her in dramas and films but one thing that we people are not taking serious is the fashion style of Mahira Khan. I think that Mahira Khan doesn’t have full sleeve clothes and her wardrobe does not have a dupatta in it! What kind of a Muslim is she?

Armeena Rana Khan

armeena rana khan hot

Armeena Rana Khan is a famous Pakistani model. She has done several photoshoots for clothing brand Nishat Linen. But one thing that makes her a shameless and disgusting lady is her vulgar fashion. God has given her a beautiful look but she is utilizing her beauty in a negative way. Very very bad!

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat Bold Photo Shoot

Oh My God! This is the real face of Mehwish Hayat. Look how she is exposing her legs and body infront of camera.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is the part-2 of Pakistani actresses who exposed on camera. The purpose of making these type of posts is to create awareness among the young generation of good and bad because if we people keep on doing bad things then one day we shall have to face many troubles. Please wake up and promote your culture and not the Indian or Hollywood culture.

Should we appreciate these actresses? Don’t forget to throw your comments in the comment section below.



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