Pakistani Actresses Who Have Started Wearing Hijab

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” MODESTY Is The Best Jewel of a Woman”. Covering yourself is one of the must thing. Your body is not a public consumption and I think that’s what our some actresses has realized. I have compiled a list of those Pakistani actresses who have started wearing hijab and veiling. Check it out here..

Pakistani Actresses Who Have Started Wearing Hijab

Sara Chaudhary

sara chaudharySara Chaudhary

I don’t know the reason but Sara Chaudhary also have also started veiling and that’s the good thing she have done to her.

Sataesh Khan

sataesh khanActress Sataesh Khan in Veil

After joining the International Islamic institute AL-HUDA, the actress started wearing Hijab and then started veiling.

Sadia Imam

sadia imamSadia Imam in Hijab

After moving to Germany, the actress Sadia Imam started wearing hijab.

Urooj Nasir

arooj nasir Urooj Nasir

Urooj Nasir has been wearing Hijab since a long time and I think she looks more pretty with hijab.


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